A part of JBS Textile Group

The history

Textile Group A/S is Denmark’s largest and leading underwear manufacturer. We are a family-owned and family-run company, which maintains its leading position by focusing on four core values: comfort, quality, innovation and individuality

Today, JBS Textile Group A/S is an international company with over 300 employees. Our products are sold in many countries, with Northern Europe as our primary market.

JBS started out as a manufacturer of men’s underwear. And this remains our core business. The story begins in 1939 on the Jutland heath.




The company JBS, with its fifteen or so employees, takes on the Danish textile giants. A fight which, on paper, looks like “mission impossible”, but which, little by little, results in the company starting to supply gentlemen’s outfitters throughout Denmark.







As a natural part of the company’s generational succession, Sørensen’s son, Claus Bjerg Sørensen, assumes the position of Managing Director on 1 November 1986. From the outset, he focuses on strengthening the underwear segment. The strategy advocated by Claus is a return to solely producing underwear.

The philosophy of a complete collection which covers everything within the underwear segment is in place.

In 1987, Jens Bjerg Sørensen, one of the most notable and visionary pioneers from the moorlands of Jutland, dies.




During autumn 2006 JBS launches a new groundbreaking viral film on the Internet. In the film, which stem from the JBS campaign “Men don’t want to look at naked men” the traditional sexes roles are turned upside down, and a young woman, only wearing a white pair of men’s trunks, behave like a “real man”…

In a few months the JBS-commercial is seen by no less than 11,000,000 people and almost reaches cult status.

In 2006, JBS is nominated as one of 330 Danish B2C (Business-to-consumer) SUPERBRANDS by the International Brand Counsil. In Denmark, the Council decided, after analysing 2,100 consumer responses, which brands, among the many thousands of B2C brands on the Danish market, would receive the classification B2C Superbrand 2006.

The definition of a B2C Superbrand is as follows: A SUPERBRAND offers considerable emotional and/or rational advantages compared to competing products, which consumers, consciously or unconsciously, recognise and are willing to pay extra for.

To coincide with the nominations, the book: Superbrands B2C 2006 is published, in which the newly appointed SUPERBRANDS appear with a presentation of each brand.

In 2008, JBS was yet again selected as SUPERBRAND.

JBS expands even further in 2008. This time with the takeover of the sock manufacturer Egtved Strømper, which is integrated as a supplementary element into the JBS collection.

In 2009, JBS will proudly celebrate its 70th anniversary, safe in the knowledge that it is Denmark’s largest and leading underwear manufacturer.



At the start of 2013 JBS scored with a fantastic collaboration partner. One of the football world’s greatest stars, the Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo, has signed a collaboration agreement with JBS for the design of trendy and cool underwear and sock collections.

The Cristiano Ronaldo range has two lines: a cool collection which is designed especially for the youngest fans – and a more fashion-oriented and sophisticated collection created for fashion-conscious young men with a liking for high quality and snazzy designs.

By collaborating with Cristiano Ronaldo, JBS has achieved a unique, international platform which, looking to the future, will ensure that the JBS brand is known over most of the world.